When to get a bra fitting


Finding the perfect bra is about more than aesthetics; your bra is the hardest-working piece in your wardrobe, combining the essential function, comfort and support to maintain breast health.

The most integral step in finding your perfect fit is having a professional bra fitting, where a trained expert measures, fits and recommends bra styles best suited to your size, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


Knowing not only when - but why - it is important to be professionally fitted is valuable in helping you identify when you are due for a fitting or re-fit. So what other than finding the correct size are the benefits of a regular bra fitting?

Identifying your correct bra size: this takes into account not only your bust and undercuts measurements to ensure you are wearing the correct band and cup size, but also your tissue type and shape to ensure support and comfort in tandem.

Increased comfort: a correctly fitting bra isn’t one you’ll crave to remove at the end of the day; there will be no straps or underwires digging in, no back band riding up and no over cup spillage.

Increased support: a bra with optimal support works to not only reduce bounce and back strain daily, and thus increase comfort - but also to prevent breast sagging and maintain the natural shape of breasts over time.

Improved posture: a correctly fitting bra will improve your posture, both in a functional sense, aligning your shoulders and spine and gently projecting breasts upward and forward, and in encouraging a confident stance.


There are some notable signs indicating you are due for a bra fitting like physical changes in your body, lifestyle changes or wanting to try a new bra style.

1. If you haven’t been professionally fitted before

Even if you think you know your size, having a professional fitting is recommended. Not only will this allow you to determine your correct size, it will also educate you in signs of a well-fitting bra and when you are due for a re-fit. With the guidance of an expert you’ll also learn which bra styles are best suited to you.

2. If your body has changed

Our bodies go through many changes over a lifetime, from adolescence to adulthood, through a shift in weight or shape, during pregnancy and as we age. All of these life stages can impact our breast size, shape and tissue density making it important to be re-fitted to maintain support and comfort key to breast health and body confidence.

3. If you change bra style

Like shoes, not all bras fit the same, which is why it is important to be re-fitted when you decided to try a new style. Whether soft cup, lightweight foam cups or push up styles, each bra will fit your body differently - being fitted will ensure the necessary support and comfort are maintained across every bra style in your lingerie drawer.

4. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

The changes in breasts and bodies during and post-pregnancy are many, making this one of the most integral times in a woman’s life to be professionally fitted. During this time you want to be comfortable and supported, whilst also having a bra that delivers  on the needs of efficient breast-feeding.

5. If it’s been over a year since your last fitting

With time micro-changes in your body can equal to ill-fitting bras if you aren’t vigilant in being re-fitted regularly. Taking the time to schedule a professional fit not only ensures you are wearing the perfect size for you, but also serves as a reminder to maintain breast health as natural changes in your body occur.

6. If your current bra doesn’t fit correctly

You’ll know your current bra isn’t the right fit for you if you’re experiencing any of the following: the shoulder straps fall down regularly, the underwire digs in,  indentation on your skin when you remove your bra, gaping in the bra cup, spillage over the bra cup or general discomfort throughout the day.


Find your nearest studio and book a bra fitting appointment to be professionally measured and curate your bra capsule with the guidance of an expert Stylist. Prefer a virtual fitting? Book and appointment to receive the same expert fitting and consultation experience from the comfort and privacy of your own home. We’ll then place your order and ship it to your home or office.